Residents in Pleasant Hill are speaking out about the behavior of children in the area after the beating of a mother was caught on video Monday.

Cindy Ulriksen’s house backs onto the park where the attack took place. She often sees groups of kids causing trouble, she said.

The same children involved in the attack Monday have thrown rocks and a knife at her while on her roof, she said.

Other times kids have pulled shingles off her roof and thrown them onto cars, she said.

In response she has put nails in her fence to prevent anyone from jumping over, and she got a guard dog.

She said her neighbor has put up a barbed wire fence on their roof to deter kids from jumping roof to roof.

Other residents CTV News spoke to suggested parents be charged or pay fines for their children’s actions, and that more policing or a neighbourhood watch could address kids that run around late at night.

Ulriksen said she has no plans to move, but hopes one day she can let her guard down.

“Not everybody’s like that, there are nice people. But those kids!”

Police say an investigation into the attack at Pleasant Hill Park is in the early stages. Anyone with information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.