A boost to the minimum wage in Ontario has some in Saskatchewan wondering what a similar increase could look like in the Prairie province.

Saskatchewan’s minimum wage is currently the second-lowest in the country at $10.96 after increasing from $10.72 in October.

Ontario’s minimum wage for general workers increased to $14 on Jan. 1 from the previous rate of $11.60, making it the highest in the country. It’s set to rise again to $15 in 2019.

The province with the lowest minimum wage is Nova Scotia, with an hourly rate of $10.85 for experienced workers. Inexperienced workers can earn as little as $10.35 per hour.

The advocacy group Living Wage Saskatoon recommends a living wage of $16.19 per hour in Saskatoon. According to its website, it says this allows an employee to “remain healthy, productive, and support themselves and their families with confidence.”

The Retail Council of Canada told CTV News any changes to the minimum wage should be in line with the cost of living, and that a larger increase such as in Ontario would likely mean job losses.