A couple of Saskatoon paramedics helped to safely deliver a baby girl.

Courtney Levinton and Dan Bradnam with MD Ambulance were out on a routine shift Friday night when the pair got a call of a woman in active labour along Highway 16 East.

“We just responded lights and sirens,” said Levinton. “It’s a rare thing around here and it’s a happy moment for us here, but it doesn’t happen every day that’s for sure.”

The paramedics responded quickly and met with first responders to help the woman in labour give birth. Bradnam says the call was too far from a hospital so a delivery needed to be made on scene.

“If you look in the hospital when there's a challenging delivery, there's tons of people in the room, there's specialists, there's specialized equipment,” he said. “We have the two of us, sometimes a back-up truck, and first responders, so not as many hands and not as much room to work."

Both paramedics helped in safely delivering the baby girl. Levinton and Bradnam will both receive special stork pins from MD Ambulance for their work.