SASKATOON -- Dodge City became dog city when it paired up with the Saskatoon Dog Rescue to host the “Furrrever Home” holiday pet adoption event.

“Were doing this because we just wanted to give back to the community,” Kaytlynn Thebeau, the marketing coordinator with Dodge City said. “We’re also looking at doing other events with other rescues and such, like kitty rescues.”

Today was all about the dogs though. Three adorable pups, Rogue, Beau, and Rocky, were stealing hearts at the event all day.

An adoption event like this one runs a little longer than their puppy parties, so the dogs take shifts on location. After a few hours Rogue, Beau, and Rocky were all given a break when a bunch more puppies came to take their shift.

Partnerships with businesses like Dodge City are a big part of what the people at the Saskatoon Dog rescue do.

“Businesses contact us. Sometimes we get emails, they say ‘we would love to host you guys for a puppy party or an adoption event.” Saskatoon Dog Rescue fundraising coordinator Kirsti Picklyk said.

“We do a lot of adoption events at pet stores because people are in there anyways buying pet food and stuff like that.”

For everyone involved, a day like today was a win according to Thebeau. Dodge City had some good exposure, people shopping for a vehicle also got to play with puppies, The Saskatoon Dog Rescue may have some dogs get adopted, and the dogs get plenty of pets.

“I would love this every day, to come and play with puppies,” Thebeau said. “Definitely puts a smile on our guy’s faces.”