SASKATOON -- The Hospital Home Lottery unveiled its $1.8 million grand prize home on Tuesday, and CTV News at Five anchor Jeremy Dodge met Lecina Hicke, CEO of St. Paul's Hospital Foundation, to find out more. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

How excited are you?

I'm exceptionally excited. The Hospital Home Lottery has been in existence for over 30 years in Saskatchewan and during the course of those 30 years has really facilitated incredible change in each of our hospitals – that's St. Paul's, City and RUH.

It's just an opportunity for us to come together to inspire a community and give someone the chance to win this beautiful home and other amazing prizes - and at the same time facilitate important change at each of our hospitals.

Tell us about this house.

This house is beautiful. This house is a $1.8 million show home that was built by Rocy Homes and complemented by Atmosphere Interior Design; they've done an incredible job. 4,400 square feet, six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a ping pong table in the basement, a double sided fireplace in the den, it really does just feel like home when you walk in.

It does really pop. Is there one thing in particular that stands out to you?

Yes. There is a stool by the tub and it just seems very practical.

Really? That's an awesome answer, I'm going to have to go check that out. I know there's always a goal where the money is going to go. Where is that this year?

It differs for each of our foundations. For St. Paul's Hospital Foundation it's supporting the Hospice at Glengarda, which is the first free-standing residential hospice in Saskatchewan – a 15-bed facility that's not only going to improve access to end-of-life care, it will really be the starting of the next chapter for that kind of care in our province, which is just incredible. Near and dear to my heart.

Visit the Hospital Home Lottery website for prize and entry information.