An audio recording made by undercover police officers provides graphic detail into how an accused killer allegedly disposed of a woman’s body.

The recording was played in a Saskatoon courtroom Monday in the first-degree murder trial of Douglas Hales, accused in the death of 26-year-old Daleen Bosse. Bosse was last seen at a Saskatoon nightclub in 2004, but her remains were not found until four years later.

The recording was part of a so-called “Mr. Big” sting operation by RCMP officers investigating the Bosse case. An officer who testified Monday said it was made in August 2008 at a location north of Saskatoon where Hales told two undercover officers he had disposed of Bosse's body.

The audio was often difficult to understand but did go into graphic detail and members of Bosse’s family were visibly shaken after hearing it.

The testimony on Monday included that of the RCMP officer who made first contact with Hales. His job was to socialize with Hales and slowly introduce him to the fake crime organization the RCMP used to get a confession from Hales.

Court heard about how they talked about everything from food, to hockey, to Hales’ relationship with his then common-law wife. The witness also described a graphic conversation they had about Hales' interaction with a prostitute, and said at one point Hales told him he was his only friend.

The crown finished its questioning of the RCMP witness on Monday with the cross examination by the defence scheduled for Tuesday.