SASKATOON -- The city's public school division has confirmed that it no longer employs a custodian who was spotted at an anti-COVID-19 health measure event.

Hugh Cairns V.C. School custodian Brent Wintringham was identified by parents in a video captured during a children's "freedom rally" held in Saskatoon.

Prior to the April 24 children's event, Wintringham attended another anti-health measure event in Prince Albert. The Saskatchewan Health Authority had urged anyone who was at the Prince Albert event to self-isolate.

Parents who spoke with CTV News said Wintringham’s attendance was troubling and worried it placed their kids at risk.

On Sunday, speaking at another "freedom rally" held in the city, Wintringham claimed he was fired for not following self-isolation guidelines.

In an emailed statement, Saskatoon Public Schools confirmed Wintringham is no longer employed at the division.

The division declined to go into further detail, citing confidentiality concerns.

A Saskatoon police officer who quit his job after his attendance at the April 24 event came to light also spoke during Sunday's rally.

People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier was also there.

Saskatoon Police Service said Monday that it handed out 18 tickets to participants of Sunday’s rally for violating Public Health orders, and another ticket for a person who participated in a rally on April 24. Police said that they are expecting to issue additional tickets as the investigation into the event continues.

The Saskatoon rally came a day after a similar event in Regina where 16 people were ticketed.