The search for a missing University of Saskatchewan student is intensifying.

Hamza al Sherief is from Saudi Arabia, studying here in Saskatoon. His disappearance a month ago remains a mystery to family and police, even as the embassy from his home country is using all of its resources to find him.

The student came to Canada to study chemical engineering.

Gar Knutson, a lawyer with the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, says his disappearance was a complete mystery. "His sister came out and the police opened up the apartment and all his personal effects were still there. His passport was still there, his wallet was still there."

The embassy is pulling out all the stops to find al Sherief. They've sent diplomats to Saskatoon, hired a private detective, and stayed in close contact with police.

The embassy says al Sherief has no history of mental illness or criminal involvement.

Tisharae Stonehouse with the Saskatoon police, says there is an official investigation. She says there's no evidence of foul play, but there's also been no banking activity. "He has friends and family that he regularly keeps contact with, which leads us to maintaining our concerns as well as the family for his safety."

Saudi Arabia has more than 15,000 students in Canada. The embassy says it wants to make sure they're safe.

"This young man seems to have had no reason to disappear. He's literally disappeared into thin air," says Knutson.

While an adult can choose to disappear, the embassy doesn't believe that's what happened here.

Knutson says there's no plan to stop the search for Hamza al Sherief. The next step will be advertisements through local media.