Microchip technology helped reunite Curtis Montpellier and his best friend, Bella, after more than six months.

“I canvassed the neighbourhood for months and months looking for her. Nothing. I couldn’t find her,” Montpellier said.

He believes his dog was stolen from his backyard because when she went missing she had her collar on with her name, phone number, and email address.

The dog also had a microchip. When Bella turned up at the Prince Albert SPCA this week, staff were quickly able to identify her. Staff said if Bella hadn’t been implanted with a microchip, this story could have had a much different ending.

The family that had Bella for the last 6 months reported her missing to the SPCA and also wanted her back.

SPCA worker Leanne Roberts said it's a he said she said situation. "One person says it is their dog. The other persons says the dog belongs to them. Unless you have actual proof….like the microchip because it is registered to the owner….there is not much we could have done," Roberts said.

The Prince Albert SPCA said hundreds of cats and dogs come through their doors each year but only a small percentage have microchips. It only costs $30 and in most cases they have helped to quickly reunite animals and owners.