The City of Melfort grew by nearly 600 people last year, a 10 per cent jump in the population. That's nearly eight times the provincial average.

Darrelynn Fair moved her family to Melfort from Alberta in August to open the new Canalta Hotel, and she says it is a great choice for both raising a family and running a business. "We built a hotel in Melfort because it is the gateway to the northeast. And we see a lot of future development, lots of lakes, lots of recreation, and we felt it was a great fit for the community."

Though Melfort is a small city compared to Saskatoon and Regina, Fair says it has everything a person needs.

Brent Lutz, the community development manager for Melfort says the location is also a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. "Living in the northeast, you're close to a lot of lakes and recreation areas. Within 30 minutes you can be at four regional parks, fishing, skiing, a host of outdoor activities."

With so many people moving to places in the province, the housing industry is booming.

Ryan Tremblay, owner of Tremblay Construction, works on many of the new houses in Melfort, and believes that business is good for both the construction industry and those looking to buy. "Prices are good but still, I would say a little cheaper than living in the big cities, so I think it's good for both sides."

With fair house prices, thriving business and so much to do, Lutz says it's no surprise Melfort led the province in growth last year.

"We've always been proud of our community, and it's really refreshing to see people recognizing the value of our community and choosing to live here."