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Melfort doctor accused of spanking child and striking another in the face


A Melfort doctor is facing a series of charges from the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons, which alleges he hit children on two separate occasions.

Dr. Robert Steffen of Family Physicians Group in Melfort is charged with four charges, which include unprofessional conduct, unprofessional conduct prescribing, and improper dishonesty.

One of the charges alleges Steffen pulled an uncooperative eight-year-old child who was pulling on a piece of medical equipment off the bed by his arms, placed him on the ground before picking him up and spanking him.

Just over four years earlier, Steffen allegedly struck a nine-year-old child in the face for disobeying a direction.

All of the offences were alleged to have taken place between 2019 and 2023.

Another charge of unprofessional conduct alleges Steffen inappropriately prescribed himself medication on "one or more occasions" during the four-year period, according to the college.

This subsequently led to another charge "by providing false and/or misleading information to the college."

Details listed on the college's website say the evidence supporting the charge states a complaint was filed against Steffen for self-prescribed medication. He was notified of the complaint and months later sent a letter responding to the charge, which was "false and/or misleading."

The college believes the letter provided false or misleading information about the number of times Steffen self-prescribed medication, the types and/or number of medications that were self-prescribed, and the reasons for and/or circumstances in which Steffen self-prescribed medication.

The charges were handed down on June 8. All charges have been referred to the college's discipline committee.

None of the charges have been proven and a hearing date hasn't been scheduled. Top Stories

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