A pair of advanced voters say a Saskatoon mayoral candidate edited and re-posted one of their Twitter photos without permission.

Kent and Kathy Allen say candidate Devon Hein took a photo from Kathy’s Twitter page and edited the picture to read, “Vote Hein.”

Kathy tweeted the photo, which shows her and her husband standing in front of a generic Saskatoon election poster, with the caption, “Voted,” at about 5 p.m. Saturday. Hein tweeted his version, which shows an altered poster, less than two hours late.

“Vote Devon Hein for Mayor, End wasteful spending & no tax increases!” his tweet reads. A slogan on the poster, which originally read, “Your Vote Counts,” had been changed to read “Vote Hein.”

The same edit was made to at least one other person’s photo on Twitter.

“I was a little ticked off,” Kent told CTV News. “Those are our images, not his, and his indication that we somehow were associated with his campaign indicated to us that his misunderstanding of appropriate behaviour — especially in someone who’s running for public office — was exhibited to a large degree. It upset us quite a bit.”

Hein, who admits to altering the photos, claims the Allens were campaigning for another candidate while at the advanced polling station, which isn’t allowed.

The Allens disagree, stating they voted, snapped a photo in front of a generic sign and left.