SASKATOON -- A man who helped intervene after a gun was fired in a downtown Saskatoon bar is being rewarded for his actions by a local business owner who heard the story.

Three friends, including Josh Neudorf who was at Hudson's for his stag party, tackled a man after two shots were fired inside the bar Tuesday night.

Corrie Swallow owns LCD Productions, a DJ and hypnotist performance service, he saw the story and it affected him.

"It just grabbed me, I was like 'Holy wow! This could've gone so bad!' but because Josh was there and he acted the way he did, it was just such an uplifting thing that I just wanted to be part of the positivity," Corrie Swallow said.

He took to Facebook to find Neufeld and made an offer that hit all the right notes for the soon-to-be-wed Prince Albert man.

He offered free a DJ package for Neudorf's wedding in Prince Albert Saturday, which Swallow says is worth about $2000.

"I didn't know what to do, but I thought 'He's getting married,' I saw that part in there. As soon as I saw that then it was like I can reach out to him and I can do this."

Neudorf and his fiancé originally went the non-professional route with a friend lined up to DJ the wedding dance, but Neufeld gladly took Swallow up on his offer and says having a professional is a bonus.