62-year-old cancer patient Glen Sinclair and his friend and co-worker Stacey Lamothe set out on a long journey travelling by foot and by bike from Meadow Lake to Saskatoon for a Cancer removal appointment in Saskatoon on July 23.

Sinclair is using the trip to promote the idea of government-sponsored transportation for people in more secluded parts of the province, transportation that can take them to and from potentially life-saving appointments.

He said he doesn’t want others to go through the same struggles he had to when it comes to traveling for his health.

“Im doing this to make awareness. We need transportation somehow, up North or anywhere across. It’s too expensive otherwise.”

The first leg of the journey took Sinclair from Meadow Lake to North Battleford, taking over 35 hours to get there, in the pouring rain for much of the hike. Upon realizing how sore their feet were, the pair opted to use bikes to make it to Saskatoon.

The journey was a success in the mind of the pair, making Saskatoon a bit quicker than they planned. Sinclair decided to pick up the pace on the bikes and get in a bit sooner.

“I was thinking we would relax and take our sweet time,” said Sinclair. “I said ‘ah what the heck, let’s give’r!”

The trip wasn’t all work for the guys, the pair got to share plenty of laughs and an adventure both of them will remember for the rest of their lives.