When parents arrived at Saint Peter Elementary School on that day in January, they were in a panic. The School was locked down after an eleven year old boy brought a loaded gun to show his friends and the gun went off at the back of a classroom.

No one was hurt but the owner of that gun, 44 year old Perry Hubet, was charged with improper storage and not renewing the license.

Hubet is engaged to the boy's mom. The boy knew Hubet had guns and had shown much interest in seeing them. No one thought he'd search out the keys, unlock the gun case, load it, and carry the gun to school.

Defense Lawyer Morris Bodnar says "he feels horrible that this occurred. He feels horrible but that's in hindsight. He didn't expect this to happen."

The judge in this case says it's by 'the grace of god no child or teacher was shot that day' and he says while Hubet did take most of the precautions necessary to safely store a gun, he didn't have a trigger lock on the gun, so he needs to be held responsible.

Hubet received a one thousand forty dollar fine and will now have a criminal record.

Crown Prosecutor Darren Howarth said "if you've got firearms you're expected to store them properly and there's a big public interest in doing so, especially handguns, they're just so inherently dangerous."

Hubet had two handguns and five long rifles in his home. He says he grew up hunting and target shooting, but hasn't used his guns in years.

Hubet also told court he talked to the boy about the dangers of guns before this happened.

Hubet’s Lawyer says "without a criminal record, without intending to do any harm, storing the gun better than most people store their guns in the city no, he didn't get off easy."

The judge says Hubet knew of the boys interest in guns and should have taken more precautions. Hubet says he will never store another gun in his home again.