A gas station attendant says a Sunday morning attack has left him shaken.

Hedayat Ullah says he was at work doing his job when a man came at him screaming for him to go back to his country.

Ullah moved to Canada from Bangladesh seven years ago with his wife and daughter to have a better life, he said.

Ullah was pumping gas for a customer when he says a man asked him why he was in Canada, said he had no right to be here and should go back to his home country.

"I'm just like, did I say anything? Then he came suddenly to me and punched me in the chest."

Ullah says several customers tried to get between him and the man. He says he then went inside the store when the man followed him.

Security camera footage shows the man pushing cash registers to the ground and continuing to be aggressive towards Ullah and other staff.

Several customers called Saskatoon police, who say a suspect was arrested nearby and charged with assault and mischief. The 45-year-old man appeared in court this morning and the officer requested a mental health assessment be ordered.

Ullah says he has heard stories of other immigrants being attacked - but says this is the first time its happened to him in the seven years he's been in Canada.