SASKATOON -- Every time three-year-old Grayson Griswold heads to the Warman’s Skateboard park he tries to leave it in a better place than he found it.

"Littering is bad for the Earth," said Grayson Griswold.

As soon as Grayson Griswold gets to the skatepark he storms around it picking up any garbage he sees.

"We come to the skatepark all the time and there is always garbage laying around," said Grayson’s mother Tammy. "He was worried if he’s riding his bike and there’s garbage around that he’ll fall."

Tammy noticed that when they are at the skatepark on the weekends, they find garbage from the "older kids" leftover from the night before.

His mom says he comes to the skatepark almost daily and will always pick up the garbage before ripping around on his bike.

His father posted a picture on social media of Grayson picking up garbage on Saturday. When people learned of his efforts, they wanted to reward him.

"People were reaching out, they came by the house and brought gift cards," said Tammy Grayson.

His efforts even garnered the mayor's attention, who rewarded him with a gift bag Wednesday morning.

"Grayson you know, a fabulous role model for young kids and also for older kids to say 'you know what, if I step up and do my part, things are going to be great for him and the city,'" said Warman mayor Gary Philipchuk.