The federal Liberal caucus’ arrival in Saskatoon means more activity for local businesses, including the city's restaurants and retails stores.

“I was talking to a local retailer and he had said he had some people that were part of the Prime Minister's entourage in his store and they were great to deal with and had bought some clothing,” said Brent Penner, the executive director for Downtown Saskatoon.

He says it's been exciting to have members of the party taking in the unique and different sights Saskatoon has to offer.

“Anytime you have people or conferences in Saskatoon it’s good certainly for the hotels, but more than that it also translates into people going out to eat, people going out to shop and no doubt people visiting some of the attractions Saskatoon has to offer.”

The last time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in town, he paid a visit to Hometown Diner in the Riversdale neighbourhood.

The Liberal caucus retreat is being held in Saskatoon until Thursday.