The last of a litter of abused newborn kittens, some of which were set on fire and all of which were witnessed being tossed several feet into the air, has been rescued.

The fifth of the five kittens was found by a member of the public and taken to a shelter, an update on the Prince Albert SPCA’s Facebook page stated Friday.

The SPCA first posted about the kittens Thursday. The animal rescue said a person came upon a group of people who had five newborn kittens and were throwing the animals two or three feet into the air.

A witness managed to convince the group to hand over one of the kittens before bringing the kitten to the SPCA.

“Luckily we had a mother who recently gave birth to a small litter of kittens, and she was more than happy to take on this kitten as her own,” the Facebook post read.

Another kitten was dropped off at the SPCA later that day and the search continued for the three other kittens.

Two of the three were surrendered to the animal rescue—these ones badly injured—later that night. The shelter said they had been set on fire.

“These two singed and cold kittens were brought into the shelter and the mother again accepted the remaining kittens,” the SPCA’s page stated.

The initial post said the last kitten had yet to be found, but an update the next day stated the kitten was taken to another shelter.

All five are recovering and a GoFundMe page to help cover the kittens’ medical treatments has since been started.

An investigation is underway. The SPCA is asking people who might have information on the group of people who were involved to step forward.

“These cases are extremely hard to prosecute, but we are hoping and looking for more leads,” the SPCA’s Facebook post stated.

The kittens are not yet available for adoption.

--- with files from Kevin Menz