SASKATOON -- Snow might be melting throughout the province due to a winter warmup but one snow fortress is withstanding the heat.

Near the town of Rosthern the Youth Farm Corn Maze has transformed into a snow maze this winter. 

“It’s been great to have the public out. It’s been great for the season where we all need to be careful and be safe,” said Mark Wurtz, executive director of the Youth Farm Bible Camp just south of Rosthern.

He said workers started building the 3,000 sq.ft. structure in November and finished six weeks later. Organizers plant items to find and games to play within the maze.

Wurtz told CTV News it's the largest snow structure in Saskatchewan.

“Nobody is going to building a snow fort bigger than this,” Wurtz said.

The snow maze has been attracting tons of people during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wurtz said.

It has been following public health orders around outdoor gatherings only allowing 30 people on the premise at a time and it has managed the crowds by allowing visitors to book in advance online.

“It’s wonderful, I’ve never been here before. I wanted some outdoor activities do to with my grandkids since we can't mix households,” said Charlene Neumeyer. “It’s a little harder when they're being bound inside right now, so it’s good to be able to do anything we can outside.”

Wurtz told CTV news the snow maze has been a hit this year the walls are starting to feel the heat.

“For some reason the walls that are running east and west are having a hard time keeping up with the sun,” Wurtz said. “The walls running north and south seem to be quite good so we’ve learned some things about how to make a maze, next year we’ll probably have more walls that are north and south than east and west.”

Wurtz added the Youth Farm is planning on shutting down its snow maze later this month.