It’s going to cost you up to double to dump garbage at Saskatoon’s landfill, starting January 2. Landfill fees are going to be fixed at 10 dollars per visit per vehicle. Up until now, fees have been fixed at five dollars for the first two visits per year, and 10 dollars per visit after that.

Waste disposal fees for large loads are going from 85 to 90 dollars a tonne, although there are discounts for loads of 250 kilograms or less.

And in a news release, the City of Saskatoon says the landfill will no longer accept cheques. Payment options will now include credit cards, debit and cash. Vehicles are weighed upon arrival and department from the landfill, with payment made at the outbound scale.

The landfill will be closed January 1, and will re-open January 2.