La Ronge is considering restricting alcohol consumption.

The town’s council is looking into 49 recommendations from Northern Alcohol Strategy, including one calling for a five per cent tax levy on liquor and one calling to limit the retail sale of alcohol between the hours of 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

“There is quite a few people that support the plan in its entirety, that I’ve spoken to. There is obviously some throwback and some feedback against some of the points, and there’s many people that support some aspects of the plan but not others,” La Ronge councillor Matt Klassen said.

Northern Alcohol Strategy, a group funded by the province, works in the community to address alcohol-abuse challenges.

Medical health officer Dr. James Irvine said higher-than-normal rates of hospitalization, RCMP calls and alcohol sales have been traced to the days government cheques become available.

One recommendation calls for closed bars on Sundays, government paydays and statutory holidays. Another recommends bars do not announce “last call.”

Tania Colbert, the general manager of Northland Bar, said the recommendations are a Band-Aid solution. She’s instead calling for a wellness centre.

The ideas will go to the public before any decisions are made, according to councillor Klassen. Meetings are scheduled for next week.