SASKATOON -- If anyone killed her son, Debbie Chaboyer has already forgiven them.

“God is a forgiving God, and I forgive you for the harm that you’ve done to my son because I have no right to judge,” she said.

But she wants that person, or people, to come forward so that her family can have answers.

Prince Albert police said Tristan Chaboyer, 24, was last seen the morning of Sept. 4, 2020 and was reported missing on Sept. 10. Last week, police said they’re investigating his disappearance as a homicide.

Police did not release the location that Chaboyer was last seen and have not said why the case has been deemed a homicide.

“Members of the Criminal Investigations Division with the police service continue to investigate and have determined his disappearance to be the result of foul play,” reads a news release.

“Police continue to seek information about the events leading up to Chaboyer’s disappearance.”


Debbie said police have informed her that his blood was found at a home in Prince Albert’s west flat area. He’s originally from Cumberland House.

“That’s the worst thing a mother could ever hear, is that someone has hurt their child,” she said.

Every day without her son has been difficult, but a mixture of searches, prayers and community support has given her hope.

“So many days go by, so many hours go by. I had to keep that hope alive for him.”

Debbie described Tristan as someone who got caught up “hanging with the wrong crowd.” Regardless, she said, he had an uplifting energy that immediately cheered people up.

“The only thing that I could do was to pray for him, and to pray that he would come out of this and that he was just going through something, because this kid had work. He did two jobs. He went to school. He had dreams,” said Debbie.

“I told him that I was so proud that God gave me him, despite the choices he made, despite the places he went.”

Marlene Nicholls, Tristan’s aunt, thanked everyone who has supported the family since he went missing. This includes chiefs of their home communities, the Prince Albert Grand Council Women’s Commission and other organizations for missing and murdered Indigenous people.

Nicholls sent out a special thank you to the police investigators.

“The investigative team has supported us emotionally, as well as providing us with information to, at times, settle our worst fears,” she said.

“We began each meeting with a prayer, and so the spiritual aspect of our situation has helped us to be in our grief, as well as a source of comfort.”

Nicholls encouraged anyone with information on Tristan’s disappearance, no matter how small it may seem, to contact the police.

Tristan is described as five-foot-six and 160 pounds, with short brown hair, brown eyes and wearing black-framed glasses.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Prince Albert police at 306-953-4222 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Debbie said she has faith that anyone responsible for the homicide will be caught.

“There’s a consequence for everything we do,” she said. “They will find the person that did this to my son. I believe that justice will be served.”

“Your time is coming soon – but, from my heart, I forgive you.”