SASKATOON -- Learning how to play guitar was not easy for 17-year-old Dillon Gazandlare, but now he is hitting all the right notes.

“It took months and months of just working away and putting the time and effort into this. And believe me there were many times where I wanted to quit,” he said.

Gazandlare lives in Wollaston Lake Post in northern Saskatchewan and has been playing guitar for two years despite being born without his left hand.

He says he has always loved music. He started out by playing the piano and ukulele before picking up a guitar.

To play his guitar he has created a contraption for his left arm made out of duct tape to hold a pick.

Gazandlare says his disability has not been a challenge for him playing music, but he has made it his goal to inspire others to follow their dreams.

“Regardless of whatever disability you have, you can more than likely do it. Just put your mind to it and be determined,” he said.

Gazandlare has played a few shows and was part of TeleMiracle earlier this year.

He says he loves the community that comes with music.

“What I love so much about music is that it can bring many people together, but it also kind of helps you feel something,” he said.

Gazandlare says he uses music as an outlet to deal with feelings of anxiety and depression and he hopes his music can do the same for others.

“Being able to play music like this is really empowering and I’d love to take this as far as I can, so I can give people the message of like if you're ever starting to feel down just keep going.”

Gazandlare hopes to get back on stage as soon as possible, but in the meantime is sharing videos on social media to continue to share his message.