SASKATOON -- As a wildfire still rages on the edge of Prince Albert, those forced to flee face uncertainty.

The evacuation orders started coming Monday afternoon as a wildfire that sparked in a remote area northeast of Highway 55 and Cloverdale Road was proving difficult to control.

Shannon Graham lives on Evergreen Road and said it was difficult to leave her home.

“We’ve had a few fire scares over the years but this one was definitely a real threat because it was straight across the road from my property,” said Graham, speaking to CTV News on the side of the highway.

"When I got home about within 10 minutes my son had already put sprinklers on our roof," Graham said.

"Basically, you go through your home and you try to grab all the photo albums and important documents," Graham said.

Another evacuee spoke to CTV News at the Margo Fournier Centre in Prince Albert, where evacuees are being asked to report to and register.

"How is it going to be and what am I going to return to. And how are my animals going to be? Just craziness," Michelle Fowler said Monday night.

Fowler said she is concerned about the horses and livestock she was forced to leave behind.

Twenty-eight households have registered with the evacuation centre located in Prince Albert’s downtown. Evacuees without family or friends to stay with are being sent to hotels.

The cost of the accommodations is being covered by the province of Saskatchewan for the short term. There are no plans yet for the evacuees to return home.

During a City of Prince Albert news conference Tuesday afternoon, Fire Chief Kris Olsen encouraged anyone not yet registered to do so.

"What that'll do is provide lines of communication … and I know communication is key in situations like this, people feel updated they feel and they're informed and they feel like they're in the know," Olsen said.

Evacuees can either register in-person or by phone by calling (306) 953-4816.