There were Jello brains on display at City Hospital on Sunday to help teach kids about different parts of the brain.

University students from the U of S gave kids the chance to understand different brain structures. They also showed the importance of wearing a helmet to protect brains – even breaking some eggs to show what happens when a head isn’t protected.

“We’re studying all the pathologies,” said Lisa Poon, coordinator of Brain Awareness Week. “We have a lot of focus on Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, so we’re really fortunate that we have quite a few neuroscientists working on different areas.”

Activities around the event helped give elementary students a better understanding of the brain and encouraged them to get involved in science.

“We’re really hoping that Brain Blast just inspires children to go into a science field,” Poon said.

Neuroscience students spent Brain Awareness Week touring 32 classrooms across Saskatoon, teaching more than 800 elementary school students about the brain.