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'It takes dedication': Sask. woman is making her mark on Hollywood

A Prince Albert woman is taking her talent to the big screen, and is gearing up to shoot another feature-length horror film.

Elizabeth Chamberlain found her love for acting when she performed in her high school musical, ‘The Wedding Singer’

“That was definitely a turning point for me, where I decided I wanted to pursue it,” Chamberlain told CTV News.

After graduation, she went to MacEwan University in Edmonton. The full time student attended every audition she could, and eventually earned a starring role in the horror film Grotesque.

“Grotesque is about a woman named Mildred Moyer.”

“She’s born with a really long nose, and people make fun of her,” Chamberlain said.

After a botched nose job, Mildred Moyer snaps, and takes revenge on those who wronged her. It’s her dream role, a villain that people can sympathize with.

“I saw the talent in Elizabeth right away,” writer and director Brandon Rhiness told CTV News.

“I realized she’s very versatile in her skills and we kept having her come back again, and again, and every time she wowed me.”

Chamberlain is a triple threat with a talent for acting, singing and dancing.

Her most recent project was filming Alien Storm in Las Vegas, earlier this year.

“Alien Storm was the first time I had actually traveled to the US,” she said.

The major production focuses on a house party after a series of strange weather patterns cut-off communication across the country.

She said no matter the project, it comes down to doing what she loves, and encourages others to pursue their passion.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from. It doesn’t matter who you are, anybody can do it. What it takes is dedication; not giving-up, ever,” she said.

Chamberlain has more projects in the works, including filming a sequel to Grotesque this summer. Top Stories

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