SASKATOON -- As many as 25 food trucks will be taking over Fourth Avenue and 23rd Street this weekend for the seventh annual Food Truck Wars.

“Oh it's so awesome,” said organizer and creator Rick Mah. “I've been walking the site for the last hour since we when we opened up, and there's just a ton of people and they're all happy, they're smiling.

“We were missing probably four or five, six, seven, eight of our regular trucks, just not opening this year, so next year we're going to hit 30 to 40 trucks, I know that already,” he said.

Mah says a taste test competition usually decides who wins, but this year they’ll go with a fan vote.

“People can come and actually register a vote for their favorite food truck, and so yeah we're going to name a champion this year,” he said.

“There is a war, it's very competitive. It's a friendly competition though, but the vendors want to be known as the food truck wars champ, they really do, so it's an intense battle.”

Food Truck Wars runs Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.