SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan residents are lending a hand to help animals affected by the Australian wild fires.

Sewers like Cheryl Stone are crafting pouches to help nurse animals, who have lost their mothers, back to health.

"That pouch, it's their safety, it's their home and their mothers aren't there," Stone said.

"There are lots of carers in Australia who are helping with the animals and they need pouches for them to live in while they're growing," she said.

The Canadian Animal Rescue Craft Guild is looking for donations to cover the cost of shipping and says the cost to ship one box of crafts could cost upwards of $300.

"There's one ship on the 23rd and then I'm planning to have one more ship date at the beginning of February," she said.

Stone and other sewers, crocheters and knitters are also crafting nests, sweaters, blankets, and mittens to provide to the animals.

The fires have killed an estimated one billion wild animals.