SASKATOON -- With Saskatoon experiencing an extreme cold warning Friday morning, a heating expert says now is the time to make sure your furnace is performing properly.

"Make sure your furnace is working, make sure the vents are clear of ice," said Jeff Bolton of J.O.B. Heating, in the midst of his busy season.

"We’re booked solid and it’s probably going to be a late night tonight. We keep a guy on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week."

Bolton said getting someone to check up on your furnace if you don’t think it’s running properly is important, especially as it puts in extra work in cold weather.

"In weather like this, a furnace is getting double the usage that your car is getting. We don’t think anything about doing some maintenance to our car," Bolton said.

It’s also important to check and replace furnace filters, if needed.

If you’re thinking about a furnace tune-up, now is a good time because of a new program that distributes a free carbon monoxide detector after each tune-up from a company in the Saskatchewan energy network, he said.

"A carbon monoxide detector is like a smoke alarm. You don’t need it until the day it saves your life."