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'It's nice to show another side of me': Retired Sask. hockey player turned actor ready for season two of sitcom


A former professional hockey player well-known for dropping the gloves is trying his hand at acting and will star in another season of the Canadian sitcom Shoresy.

Jon Mirasty was an enforcer in the American, Kontinental, and Western hockey leagues before his time on the Letterkenny spin-off.

"A lot of people know me for my hockey career and fighting, so it's nice to show another side of me,” Jon told CTV News.

He said knowing the cues and memorizing the lines was the biggest learning curve.

"I've been hit in the head a lot, so my memory is not the greatest,” he said with a smile.

Jon said with season one under his belt, he’s excited to use his experience in season two.

His character belongs to a trio, he plays Jim number one, and former hockey stars Brandon and Jordan Nolan play Jim number two and three.

While Jon said he can’t comment on the specifics of season two, he said fans might hear more from the Jims.

“Our lines were pretty simple in the first season. I think they're going to get a little more difficult in season two,” he said.

When Jon is not on set, he works with troubled youth on his ranch in the community of Flying Dust First Nation.

“I just want to give some opportunities back to the kids around here. I keep doing that and just setting an example for not only my kids, but all the kids on the reserve,” he said.

Jon said he wants to be a strong role model like his dad, Gary Mirasty, who supported him in his career. Gary would bike beside him and give him words of encouragement while he ran.

“He got so fast at running that I couldn't bike beside him and keep up with him anymore, so I had to use my quad and quad beside him,” Gary said.

Even though Jon is retired from hockey, he said filming often reminds him of playing sports again.

“It’s almost like playing hockey again because when you leave hockey, playing professional hockey, that's the stuff you miss. It’s not actually playing the game, but being able to hang out with the boys in the dressing room and kind of that team bonding,” Jon said.

Jon said he plans to do more team bonding by bringing the cast for a fishing trip in Northern Saskatchewan. Top Stories

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