SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili says his party has received “clear information” that Premier Scott Moe is planning for a potential early spring election.

“It’s never too early for us to get rid of the Sask Party, they have shown us all of the ways that they are unfit for the job.”

By law, an election must be held no later than Oct. 26. When asked about the possibility for an early election on Friday, Moe indicated a spring election will not be ruled out as an option.

“Oct. 26 is the day that we planned for and Oct. 26 is the date that is set here in the province, although saying that, the Premier does have the prerogative to call an early election.”

Moe said the political climate and risks of coronavirus are reasons he’s “reserving the opportunity” to call an early election.

“There’s a tremendous amount of unrest in this nation. We’ve had a very busy time on conference calls with respect to the federal government, other provinces and the impact of the rail blockades.”

Meili said that if the Premier decides to call an early election the NDP will be prepared.

“They want to change the channel and frankly that’s dishonest and they should do better. That said if it comes we will be ready to go,” Meili said.

With files from CTV Regina