As movie, television and comic book fans count down the hours left until the return of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo this weekend, local cosplayers are putting the final touches on their outfits.

“It’s just fun. It’s something to do, seeing your costume come together, it’s amazing,” said Kelsie Goodman.

“There’s no age limit on Cosplay, you can dress up to match your age and there’s plenty of ages and characters throughout whatever you’re a fan of so it’s not difficult to find something you enjoy and something to dress up as.”

This is her third year showing off her cosplay at the Saskatchewan Expo, but her love of playing dress up dates back much further.

“My mom and my friend’s mom would make matching costumes for us and I always dress up every year,” Goodman said.

Her latest creation is a costume of Cerys an Craite from the popular video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

As for the reactions she’s expecting over the weekend, if her past experience is any evidence, people will be turning their heads when she walks by.

“I get lots of looks, especially if I’m wearing tall shoes because I’m six foot five or taller. But people love it, they come get photos, children love to see you dressed up and other cosplay, it’s great to meet them and see what they’ve created.”

Goodman has travelled as far as Vancouver to attend a comic expo. But in the near future she plans to make the trip to bigger shows in Atlanta and Seattle.

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo runs Saturday and Sunday at Prarieland Park. This year’s celebrity guests are Michael Rooker and Billy Dee Williams.