A Saskatchewan family is anxiously waiting to see whether one of them can be an organ donor to one-year-old Emmet.

Baby Emmet is battling nephronophthisis, a rare genetic disease of the kidneys and liver.

With his small organs under attack, his mom Brittney Skorlatowski is hoping the organ donation process can move quicker.

“We're waiting to get tested. If we're not a match then they'll test friends and family. We're hoping the process kind of speeds up so we can get started on this," Skorlatowski told CTV News.

Struggling with pain, Emmet scratches his body and pulls out his hair, Skorlatowski said. As a result, she’s shaved off most of his hair. Neither mom or baby get much sleep.

The one-year-old requires part of a liver and one kidney transplant. The living organ donations can come from an adult.

Once a match is found, Emmet and his mom will travel to Edmonton's Stollery Children's Hospital for a transplant – where they will potentially have to remain for about two years.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with expenses once the family is in Edmonton. The funds will also go towards helping Skorlatowski, a single mom, who would likely need to stay home to care for Emmet, after the anticipated transplant surgeries.

"It's hard on the whole family because you're wanting the best for him. We're just hoping that things move along and he can have his operations and get home," said great grandmother Joanne Skorlatowski

Donor testing is expected to happen this fall.