SASKATOON -- The Saskatchewan band Putt Putt’s Garage was thrilled to hear they were accepted into the 2021 Telemiracle show, but after rhythm guitarist Jamie Brandrick came into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, the band lost its spot.

They were set to record a 45-minute slot for the show when Brandrick was informed his hairdresser had tested positive for COVID-19, and despite his pleading to get the band to record without him, they said it was everyone or no one.

“I did tell the band to go on, I said 'you guys go' but these guys are pretty great, and Geoff said ‘It’s all five of us or none at all,’” said Brandrick.

Despite hearing from Telemiracle that it lost the recording spot the band never stopped its fundraising. It has currently raised $600 towards its $1,000 goal.

Although the band mebers are still disappointed about losing their spot, they said they completely understand the situation, and it wouldn’t be the first canceled gig for them.

“Things happen, this is kind of the year that it’s been anyways. Lots of things have been shut down. Realistically and unfortunately because of this year, it's not the first gig that we’ve missed,” said Putt Putt’s Garage bassist Ross McBain.

Telemiracle was able to provide the band with a glimmer of hope. Organizers said that if they are able to find studio time on their own, they could possibly still submit one of their songs to make it into the show, and Brandrick is using his time isolating to do what he can.

“I think initially he felt like he had let us down, which he had not, and I hope that he doesn’t feel that way any longer. He has definitely dug his claws into finding us a way to still get on Telemiracle and were very grateful for that,” lead singer Kendal Redhead said.

The band is now holding onto the hope that someone might hear their story and offer some studio time, getting them back onto the show they were so excited to be a part of.