SASKATOON -- A local DJ is trying to lift peoples’ spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andrew Kinakin sets up his DJ booth in his truck bed and performs at a distance in different neighbourhoods – an idea he calls Driveway Party YXE.

“I show up to let’s say a crescent or a block, someone invites me. I set up on their driveway, connect to power and play music for 45 minutes around the neighbourhood,” Kinakin, the owner of Kinakin Entertainment, told CTV News.

“People can hear some positive vibes, upbeat music and it puts smiles on some faces.”

People who want Kinakin to perform on their street make requests on social media.

On Sunday, Kinakin set up at the Circle Drive Alliance Church and performed for those who were celebrating a pastor’s retirement.


Pastor Eldon Boldt, who retired on Sunday after 30 years, said he was surprised to see the celebration.

"It was emotional, a few tears,” Boldt said.

“We were expecting to leave without anybody around, and here they were, all in the parking lot, it was jammed. What a beautiful surprise.”