SASKATOON -- Sheepdogs drummer Sam Corbett is joining the Movember movement as an official ambassador.

Corbett’s partnership comes following his diagnosis of testicular cancer, with the band hoping to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer while also encouraging early detection.

Corbett said he credits his early detection for saving his life following his own diagnosis during the summer of 2018.

At just 35, Corbett said he unexpectedly felt a lump and decided a week later to visit a doctor who then ran multiple tests and confirmed the diagnosis.

“The thing I was mostly scared about was at the time my wife was about four or five months pregnant. And I didn't know if the cancer was anywhere else in me,” said Corbett.

“The main thing I was thinking about was that I wanted to be alive when my daughter was born.”

Corbett quickly underwent surgery and a series of radiation treatments to remove the cancer which had spread to a lymph node.

The recovery process meant Corbett had to miss out on the American and European leg of the band's Changing cClour tour.

Corbett's diagnosis led the band to cancel shows fort the first time in 15 years.

“It was very hard at the time but looking back on it I’m very glad, I initially was going to postpone my treatment but I’m glad I didn’t end up doing that.”

The Sheepdogs hope to raise $10,000 by the end of November, with the funds going towards testicular cancer.

Corbett is now cancer free and in remission.