A Saskatoon man is questioning vehicle standards and Saskatchewan Government Insurance policies after he was slapped with a $115 ticket over the weekend.

Robert Ball said he was pulled over by a police officer into a check stop on Idylwyld Drive on Sunday, Feb. 24. He said the officer told him he had inadequate mudflaps on his 2010 Chevrolet Colorado.

“He said even some of the new vehicles that come off the lot will likely get the same ticket,” Ball told CTV News. “The truck is in stock configuration, it has not been modified from the way it was built by (General Motors). It never came with any flap or anything on the back and I’ve been driving it since.”

Ball said he purchased to vehicle in Manitoba from a GM dealership. When he drove the truck to Saskatchewan, he got it inspected and it passed without any concern.

Ball doesn’t have any mudflaps on his truck, something SGI said is required for vehicles that don’t have enough tire coverage or overhang from the fender. They are needed to prevent debris flying backwards and hitting other vehicles.

“It can crack windshields, it could damage vehicles. It’s not only a safety concern but also an expensive problem,” said Tyler McMurchy, media relations manager with SGI.

According to the SGI regulations “vehicles shall have for each tire, a fender, mudflap or body overhang that reduces rearward projection of gravel, mud, water and snow from the tire, and is located so that the lowest point of the fender, mudflap or body overhang is above the ground a distance that is not greater than one-third of the horizontal distance from that point to the centre of the wheel.”

For example, if the distance from the centre of the wheel to the end of the wheel is 12 inches, the mudflap can be no more than four inches off the ground.

While he’s unhappy with the fine, Ball said at most he should have received a warning from police. He thinks police and SGI should be speaking to car dealerships to make sure that cars coming off the lot meet these regulations.

“When you’re just driving along not knowing what they’re looking for it doesn’t seem right,” Ball said.

McMurchy said dealerships do have the responsibility to make sure the vehicles they sell are safe to drive.

“Automotive dealers are required under the Traffic Safety Act, to sell vehicles that are in compliance with vehicle equipment regulations.”

Unsure if he’ll fight the ticket, Ball has an order for mudflaps costing $140.