A Saskatoon inventor has made handlebars to make riding a bike possible for him.

A conventional bike is too painful due to carpal tunnel syndrome in his wrist and back pain from a string of car and motorcycle crashes.

“I tried a regular bike and when you’re leaning forward, all the weight is on your head and wrist and your body is leaning forward so my posture wasn't working," Rik Alberts told CTV News

He wanted to keep exercising so he came up with handlebars that extend about two-and-a-half feet above the regular handlebars.

He’s been working on marketing them for eight years. Despite auditioning for Dragon’s Den and making a promo video for the Ellen Show, he hasn’t had any solid interest.

They cost about $100 installed and he’s hoping to make them telescopic and totally customizable when he has more funding.

For now Alberts will keep peddling his invention in the hopes of getting it to market and he’ll enjoy the reaction he gets on the street.

"Hundreds of people stop me. It's crazy. I'm riding this bicycle and I’m coming towards them and kids and their parents, their eyes open and they stop me.”