An intense rain storm that drenched Saskatoon late Monday afternoon created a surge in the sewer system so powerful that it popped off manhole covers.

Some streets were turned into temporary lakes as a result of the storm that lasted about 20 minutes as it swept from west to east across the city at approximately 5 p.m.

Hard-hit areas included the Idywyld Drive underpass at 42nd Street which was closed to traffic until early Tuesday as crews worked to pump water from the area.

Social media was flooded with pictures taken by residents documenting the intense rain and wind and the subsequent flooding.

The area of Diefenbaker Drive and Laurier Drive was turned into a deep lake as were sections of Eighth Street and the southbound Taylor Street off-ramp from Circle Drive, among other areas.

A statement by the City of Saskatoon Monday night said the water on city streets “does not always indicate something is wrong, but actually is all part of a functional and cost-effective storm water management system. “

The storm water system is designed to carry water along the streets and gutters during significant rain storms such as the one Monday, the statement said.

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