A Saskatoon family who was inside their camper when it was destroyed by a tree has been denied injury insurance by SGI.

A storm in Emma Lake uprooted a tree and slammed it into the Bjarnason family camper on Saturday.

Terri Bjarnason said she is suffering significant bruising, a concussion and needs counselling following the accident.

“I’m terrified of wind and trees now. I have a yard full of trees and I’m scared to go in the yard,” she said.

But SGI notified Bjarnason none of her injuries would be covered by the Crown corporation, as the incident is not considered a motor vehicle accident.

“I disagree completely that it’s not a motor vehicle accident. My trailer is plated. My insurance policy lists the camper as a type of vehicle,” Bjarnason told CTV News.

But according to SGI, injury insurance is only available when a person is hit by a moving vehicle.

“Saskatchewan's auto insurance legislation provides injury coverage when a vehicle is in motion,” Lorri Thacyk, a spokesperson for SGI, said.

“In a scenario like this, SGI would pay property damage but not injury coverage.”

Bjarnason said she and her husband will have to pay out-of-pocket for all massages and therapy.