A coyote discovered in a north-end neighbourhood Sunday had to be put down by Saskatoon police.

The coyote was destroyed on the 300 block of Gustin Crescent in Silverwood Heights after the animal severely injured one of its legs when it became entangled while trying while tried to jump a fence.

Animal control officers were called to the scene, but police said the coyote was too injured to let go so officers were forced to destroy it.

The incident comes less than a week after the city warned the public that coyote sightings have increased at various locations throughout the city.

A news release says it’s unusual for coyotes to enter into residential areas, even though they are part of the region’s habitat and travel along natural corridors such as the South Saskatchewan River valley and along rail lines.

There have been no physical encounters between peoples and animals but residents who encounter a coyote are urged to never approach the animals, to make noise to it maintains a respect for humans and to back away from the animals, but not to turn their back or run.

Coyotes aren’t the only concern when it comes to animals in the city. On Friday, the city warned about the presence of a small herd of deer near the 11th Street road realignment in the Montgomery Place neighbourhood.

Questions or concerns regarding coyotes or other wildlife within the city should be directed to the city’s Parks Pest Management division at 975-3300.