SASKATOON -- A federal cabinet minister is weighing in on a widely-shared video that shows a security guard struggling with a woman in a Saskatoon parking lot.

The nine-minute-long video, uploaded on Wednesday, shows a prolonged scuffle between the guard and a woman outside a Saskatoon FreshCo.

When asked about the video during a news conference in Ottawa on Friday, Indigenous Services minister Marc Miller said he was had seen a "brief clip" of the video.

"I (was) equally disgusted, as any other video of the same nature that seems to pop up far too often," Miller said.

"I hope the full force of the law will be applied in this situation after proper investigation," Miller said.

"I have very few words that haven't expressed."

In an emailed statement sent on Thursday, FreshCo, a discount grocery brand operated by Sobeys, said it had parted ways with the third-party security company the guard worked for.

The company said the guard's behaviour "is not tolerated or representative of our values."

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) issued a statement in response to the incident.

"We will not tolerate the continued subjection of our women to indecencies and attitudes as if they were less important to society," the FSIN statement said.

“This sad excuse of a man clearly assaulted her and needs to be held accountable for his disgusting actions. We expect his immediate termination and charges to be laid against him by police today,” FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron told CTV News.

According to Saskatoon Police Service (SPS), officers were called to the store around for reports of shoplifting.

SPS said a 30-year-old woman refused medical treatment, was taken into custody and charged with theft under $5,000.

A security guard suffered minor injuries, according to police.