SASKATOON -- A Saskatchewan woman says her neighbour’s three large dogs killed her miniature schnauzer inside her home.

Corla Berg, who lives on an acreage in the RM of North Battleford, says the dogs pushed through her screen door and entered her home earlier this month.

“I tried to pull one of them off, but it turned with its head down, growling and starting to come towards me.”

In fear, Berg says she jumped onto her kitchen island. Meanwhile the dogs, which she describes as pit bull-type, cornered her schnauzer, she says.

“They dragged my pup onto the floor of the dining room. I watched her poop and take her last breath. Then they dragged her out,” she told CTV News, crying.

“I was throwing dishes and screaming, ‘Get out! Get out!’”

CTV News reached out to the owner of the dogs, and Berg’s neighbour, Justin Keller.

Keller declined an interview, but said the situation was “dealt with.”

Berg said she’s afraid to be in her home with the dogs nearby, and wants the animals to be put down.

RCMP officers have investigated the situation, in consultation with the Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan.

The RCMP say it’s ultimately a judge’s decision about what happens to the dogs.

A hearing date for Keller has been set under a section of the Municipalities Act that deals with dangerous animals.