A man who lost his leg and ankle years ago has been robbed of his mobility again.

For Ron Schwab, a mobility scooter is more than a means of transportation - it’s a lifeline.

"This ankle is gone, and this leg is gone," he said.

He lost the joints in a bad fall decades ago and has relied on a mobility scooter ever since.

Schwab said his roommate left the door unlocked on Friday night and he believes his $3,000 scooter went missing during that time.

"This is my transportation to get around to my doctor’s appointment, pick up my medication, pick up groceries, everything," he said,

He wept as he described the importance of the mobility scooter.

"I want it back, I need it, I can’t do anything," he pleaded.

Schwab is offering a $100 reward to anyone who can find his scooter.

He said he has filed a report with the Saskatoon Police Service and has contacted his social worker to help him find another means of transportation.