SASKATOON -- A former MP is filing a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, claiming she was denied an optometrist appointment in Saskatoon because she’s from La Loche.

Georgina Jolibois said she called her optometrist of 20 years to make an appointment for new glasses, but was refused.

“I was denied because I am from La Loche, the northwest side (of Saskatchewan) … They referred to the travel restrictions quite a bit,” the former MP for Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River told CTV News.

The provincial government instated a public health order restricting travel for much of the province's north on April 24, in an effort to control the transmission of COVID-19. 

The restrictions came after a jump in COVID-19 cases, largely concentrated in La Loche.

She said her optometrist would only book her an appointment once the travel ban is completely lifted.

But under the restrictions, travelling for medical treatment is allowed.

“So I don’t understand their logic behind their denial,” Jolibois said.

Doctor Elisabeth Foucault, co-founder of Family Focus Eyecare, said they have delayed appointments but have not denied any.

She said they are following provincial health guidelines and health and safety is their number one priority.

Foucault said there can sometimes be communication breakdowns or challenges. 

Jolibois said other people in her community have also been refused medical appointments, solely because they’re from the north.

“It’s been a common theme," she said. "I’m not alone in this circumstance."

Jolibois said she has found a new optometrist and has scheduled an appointment for Thursday.