SASKATOON --  A house in Saskatoon that has stood the test of time is in now in need of some major roof repairs. 

“If we can’t get this roof fixed that means I can’t have people into this house,” Della Marshall, chair on the board of The Marr Residence said.

“Just through a 137 years of wear and tear any building starts showing deterioration.”

Marr estimates the price of the repairs for Saskatoon’s oldest home to be in the $40,000 range.

Ownership of the property belongs to the City of Saskatoon. The city provides The Marr Residence a volunteer board with funding and also helps with the maintenance of the building.

“The City has been looking for ways to acquire that money. We’re going to have to be working together with them to solve that problem.” Marshall told CTV News.

During its 137 year history, the house on 11th Street E has hosted a tours, festivities and even serving as a field hospital.

“It was the location of one field hospitals during the Riel Resistance,” Marshall told CTV News.

The Resistance was fought between the Metis settlers and Canadian Government and military over land surveying and cultural autonomy between 1869-1870.

“The Canadian government was taking land from the First Nations and as we’ve learned that was wrong,” said Marshall.

The Marr Residence was awarded a National Historic Site federal plaque in 2017. Descendants of Sandy Marr who built the house in 1884, were on hand for the plaque unveiling.

“We get people from all over the world coming here to see this building and the artifacts that are in it.” said Marshall.

Marshall is hoping the roof issues can be resolved through funding to help The Marr Residence remain in historic site for people to continue to see.