Several hundred people met in Kiwanis Park in Saskatoon on Friday for an “idle no more” rally.

     And several hundred more held up traffic for blocks in Prince Albert, after they joined at the intersection of 15th Street and Central Avenue for a rally in Prince Albert.

     Rallies were held across the country – including Regina - over Bill-C45, the government’s omnibus bill that among other things removes environmental protection for Canada’s waterways – and changes the process of the sale of reserve lands.

    Nina Wilson is one of four Saskatoon-area women who launched the movement through Facebook and Twitter. She says it shows the power of social media in engaging people – especially young people.

    “They’re feeling more empowered than ever before,” she told CTV. “Social media is a perfect way to find community all over the world.”

     Many of those at the rally feel Bill C-45 is about a lot more than just changing some rules.

    “We can no longer remain idle,” said Dion Tootoosis. “What it does - it begins the groundwork of dismantling the treaties.”

    Many non-first Nations people also joined the rallies, because they believe the federal legislation goes too far.