SASKATOON -- Since the provincial, municipal and American presidential election all take place within a 15-day window, the City of Saskatoon is highlighting what you need to know to vote for your mayor, city councillors and public or Catholic school board trustees on Nov. 9.

“Municipal government provides many civic services we all rely on and value every day. And importantly, decisions made at the City of Saskatoon impact your quality of life today and in the future. Make the choice to vote in Saskatoon’s 2020 Civic Election, it’s one of the most impactful things you can do for your community - and your city,” the city said in a news release.

• The official 2020 Voter’s Guide, with election information and candidate profiles, is now available online. Next week, copies will be available at City Hall, leisure centres and libraries while quantities last.

• Voters may encounter longer lines due to safety/sanitization protocols at the polls. Attend any advance poll location between Oct. 30 to Nov. 5 and take advantage of off-peak voting times.

COVID-19 safety protocols are in place at all voting locations.

• Confirm your ward and voting location by entering your address at or by checking in the 2020 Voter’s Guide.

• You need one piece of government-issued ID that contains a photo and address, such as a drivers licence, or two pieces of otherwise acceptable identification showing each with your name and one with your address.

• After presenting your ID, all voters must fill out a voter registration form. You can fill out this form before you arrive to vote. Find the voter registration form on the back cover of the 2020 Voter’s Guide or print a copy from

• For Saskatoon’s 2020 Civic Election, no voter registration card is sent out and there is no voters list kept so you do not need to pre-register to vote.