Whether you’re ready or not, the University Bridge is closed in Saskatoon.

The 100-year-old structure is undergoing repairs and will be shut down to the general public for four months. The effects of the closure are already being felt across the city, so even if you don’t cross the University Bridge on your way to work or to school, you still might get stuck in traffic.

Here’s what you need to do to survive until the bridge re-opens:

1. Get used to it: The bridge is set to be closed for four months. Don’t expect the road blocks to be gone when you wake up Tuesday morning.

2. Find a new route: Traffic is likely to be congested across the city during the bridge repair. The best thing you can do is know which detour will be the most efficient for you. Read our ‘Know your detour’ article outlining the city’s recommended routes before you head out.

3. Avoid the Broadway Bridge: The city expects traffic on Broadway Avenue to greatly increase. Drivers are asked to only use the Broadway Bridge if they live in the area.

4. Dust off that bike: Biking or walking might be the best way to avoid traffic jams.

5. Take the bus: A single lane of traffic will remain open during construction, but only emergency vehicles, city transit and some school buses will be allowed to use it. Take advantage of that if you’re on a bus route that will use the University Bridge.

6. Leave early: Roads will be busier than usual across the city all summer because of the closure. Give yourself a few more minutes to get to your destination.